What’s in my bag

I’ve Seen a lot of blogger and vloggers do a what’s in my blog over the years, but never done one myself. So thought it was time to empty the contents of my bag and show you all what’s in it. I’ll also show you some close up’s of my current bag that I’m using as … Continue Reading

Blogger Interview with Miriam Ernst

  I interviewed myself on my blog the other week which you can check out here Collective Strand Bloggers Interview Series. So thought it would be great Idea to find different bloggers from around the world and interview them.    So Welcome to my first blogger interview with Miriam Ernst from Be- Sparkling. (Don’t forget got to click … Continue Reading

Good buy Summer Hello Autumn

Autumn is starting to come to an end here in Australia. So I thought it was time to share my last OOTD for Summer and also my favourite outfit that I’ve brought this Summer.  Having said that the Sun still seems to be shining at a warm 25c so it would probably still be warm … Continue Reading


How did you get into blogging? Back in late 2009, my Mum told me that she’d been reading something on the internet that was called ‘a blog’ and it just snowballed from there. I then spent the next four years reading hundreds of different blogs and teaching myself how to start, design/code and write a blog … Continue Reading

My capsule collection

Feels like a lifetime ago since I lasted sat down and wrote a blog post, but of a matter of fact, it’s only been 5 days. Somehow going to Uni makes my days and weeks feel longer than they normally are. Probably because I spend most of my tutorials and lectures clock watching, counting dow the … Continue Reading

What I’ve learn’t from my first term at Uni

So I did one of these posts when I first started Uni check it out here: My first Week at Uni Where I share with you all what I’d learnt in my first week of Uni. So thought I’d do a part 2 where I share with you all what I’ve learnt from my first term at … Continue Reading

Fancy pitta bread

Love cooking so thought this year I’d attempt to do more cooking and feature it on my blog. So here goes my first recipe of 2016. Fancy pitta bread, don’t really have a name for it as it’s something my mum and I made up one night. So Just thought I’d add the word fancy … Continue Reading

First outfit of the day for 2016

Been that long since I’ve done an outfit post that I’ve forgotten how to write one. So here goes my new and improved outfit of the day post or (OOTD) So after months or so of contemplating over it I finally decided it was time to have a trip to the city and do shopping. … Continue Reading

Come on over and join my Facebook groups

I decided to start a Blogging last year to help fellow bloggers and YouTube. At first, it was just designed for people who were starting out or people who didn’t have a big blog and wanted to start growing it. But I then realised over Christmas although it was good we were lacking knowledge from … Continue Reading