Shoes wish list

Shoes wish list


1| NOMAND suede tie sandals  2|Flat espadrilles kurt Geiger  3|ASOS FREEDOM fax fur flat sandals 4| HOTTIE heeled sandals

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been loving shoes more than normal. Didn’t know it was possible to love shoes any more than I do. But when you’ve spent all winter wearing two pairs of really uncomfortable shoes and realised all your other shoes are either too fancy, have a super high heel or the heels are wearing out you realise it’s time to buy some new ones.

So let’s just say I spent most of my savings buying four new pairs of shoes for summer and winter. Only brought so many as two of the pairs were on sale. So I was like I would have paid full price for these so technically it’s like buying two pairs for the price of one.

Still have like another ten pairs of shoes on my wish list so thought I would share with you all my top 4 that I’m contemplating buying over the next few pay days.


My first week at Uni


I had my first week at Uni this week. I’ve been to Uni before and did a year’s TPP course that is basically a more advance and fast tracked grade 11/12 to help you to get a better grade to get into Uni. Then when I completed my Diploma in Nursing, I decided to go to Uni to try and get my degree but drop out halfway through the first term. So really, don’t count that as going to Uni.

So if you haven’t been following me over the past few months or you’re new to my blog, I’m studying a Bachelor of Primary Education. Not many people know, but it’s something that I’ve always thought about doing, but as it’s always been Uni based sort of put it off as essays and exams aren’t my strong point.

But after working in child care for the past few months, found out that I like working with older children. So decided just to sign up and work extra hard over the next four years to get my degree.

Here are the things that I’ve learnt from my first week at Uni:

1| It will feel like the longest week of your life.

2| Don’t go expecting to make lots of friends. You might be lucky and meet a friend or two, but don’t go with the mindset that it’s going to be like the American movies you watch where you make loads of like friends. But that’s just my experience, other people might have had that happen to them.

3| My lectures and Tutors keep saying we only have a 10-week term. Which ten weeks don’t seem that long away, but when you found out just how much work you have to get done in those ten weeks it feels like a lifetime.

4| Do you pre-course readings as that makes you seem slightly smarter that you are in your first week of classes.

5| I take my hat off to the people who can manage to study full-time and work full-time. Lucky for me, I’m a casual, so can say no to a shift if I’m too busy.

6| Check to see if it’s worth buying you’re prescribe text before you buy it. As I’ve brought so many textbooks in the past and hardly ever used them. If you do have to buy your prescribe text, try and find them second hand. I’ll be the first to admit I hated the thought of using a second-hand book from someone I didn’t know. But now I have to buy them myself, I’ve found out just how much I can save from doing it and now can’t wait to do it again next term. Saved that much that I’ve been able to buy myself a new cardigan and some sandals for summer.

Let me known in the comments something you learned in your first week of Uni.

Might also do a part two, what I learned in my first term at Uni 


The life of a Uni student

uni student

If you’re a Uni student or don’t have a job that pays well. You know what its’ like to not be able to afford everything you want in life and having to give up things that you took for granted just to pay your phone bill or to buy food.

So after over a year of not being able to afford my favourite perfume and after 6 months or having no flip-flops, decided that it was time to send myself broke for the next 2 weeks and treat myself.

Luckily for me, for the first time my perfume was under the $50 dollar marks where’s normal it’s like over $150. Was that cheap that I even contemplated buying a second one. But then that would have meant me either going broke borke or foregoing my flip-flops, Which I didn’t really want to as I’ve been so lost without.

Never thought that 10 years ago that I’d ever say this, but if I could I’d spend the rest of my life in Havaianas  flip-flops, so not having any for 6 months has been really hard for me.

You probably all just think why not just go out and get a cheap pair of flip-flop’s from a Primak type shop, I could do, but they just wouldn’t be the same. Once you’ve walked in Havaianas you never want to go back to any other type of flip flop.

So much so I’ve got that used to them that having to wear closed in shoes over the winter has caused me to get pains in my feet and blisters on my toes.

So over the moon to be able to have comfortable feet again for my first day of Uni tomorrow.

Let me know in the comments something that you’ve had to forgo know that you’re a Uni student or have had to start paying your own way. 

I have a super busy schedule on Monday as I’m having three different Uni class spread out between 8am –  7pm and will also have to work certain Monday’s. So provided my work load doesn’t get the better of me, I will be blogging Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday’s